Grind and Whine

Grind and Whine
Epic Whining on a Global Gaming Scale

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

First Steamroller in my Journeyman League

at Maplewood Hobby...

First off I had a blast. Once again the atmosphere is just completely different than at any GW tournie I have been to in years. Great bunch of guys were in attendance with a nice assortment of factions amongst the 12 players of both WM and Hordes.

I went 1 and 2 with 2 of my games being real nail biters.
First game vs Rollins' Minions. The missions were all Killbox as its meant to be simple as we learn and progress. This was a tough list. We advanced and got our casters into the Killbox zone.

I knew that his entire force of 'gators were all going to be beat down bags so I decided to move quick and pop early. I Mageblighted each turn which shut him down. I slammed into his giant warbeast with my SLayer who did a good deal of damage (and then we were both knocked down as he attacked with Deathroll and mangled me badly). Then I sent my Banes into his unit of smaller 'gators. It took me a couple turns to kill off these 2 attack, 8 box horrors but I did.

I killed off one of his solos with my Pistol Wraith and dispatched another 'gator with the other. He returned melee killing all my Banes and stood his gator warbeast back up. I slammed my Banes into his Warlock, Barnabas dealing much damage WHICH HE THEN TRANSFERRED TO ANOTHER MODEL...AAARRRRRGGGHHHH!

It was dice down. I won 9 to 8... whew.... tough game but I took the victory...

Second game was vs Joe's Legion, who would go on to win Overall. OMG what a tough list. He had some ability that made Stealth useless. And his feat was to bring back any dead warbeast...

So my plan was to avoid the big warbeast and kill what I could. As this was another Hordes army I used my M Wraiths as a meat shield for pGore. Problem is that he had these 2 models, "Martyrs" that work like single use arc nodes. A broken cheater tactic if I ever saw one :rolleyes:

Let's just boil this down to his channeling Obliteration, a POW15 AOE blast right onto pGore. He hit me doing massive damage. So I threw Bleed on myself. killed one of his infantry and healed 3 boxes. Kind of a waste as he hit me with Obliteration again next turn and pasted Goreshade. Loss to Cryxx...

Last game vs.... Ray O'Dowd's pGORSESHADE!!! Hysterical.

Game consisted of lots of manouvering. I popped first, I killed The Banes he started on the table, he killed mine. I killed his Tartarus, he killed my Tartarus. BUT I was able to possess his Harrower nasty jack with a Machine Wraith. He couldn't eject and I used it to kill his Deathwalker. I could not however hit Gore.

He pops and adds a fresh unit of Banes, I kill his solo and move Gore back. He advances and kills one Wraith ( my P wraiths had killed 3 Banes and then died to Tartarus). He then ejects my M Wraith.

My turn I retake his Harrower jack with the remaining M Wraith and Soul gate my Slayer behind his lines.

His turn he ejects the M Wraith with his last roll and its DICE DOWN! I lost the game with his last roll as he took back the 9 points for the jack I would have earned owning his jack.

Again an absolute blast of a game!

Really a great day. I am really enjoying Warmahordes!!!!

Eric J


  1. *snicker* you say that now.....but yes you do sound like you had fun!


  2. lol... That's a discussion for another dau. And THAT is an EPIC WHINE!