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Grind and Whine
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Going to where the fun is...

I ask you, would she lie to you? Yeah... That's right...

Awright... So I wrote a piece about the reasons to jump to PP's Warmahordes. I've been debating and arguing and validating the reasons why I and thousands of others would rather/should rather play Warmahordes. I'd repeat them here but all you need do is look at the post below this one and you'll find most of the reasons and argument for shelving those 850 GW minis and grabbing PP's Prime MkII.

But ya know, I've come to the realization that it all flat out boils down to one very simple thing. One over-riding reason why I, and I suspect many others are meeting over tabletop make- believe battlefields all over the globe not to hurl mighty Winds of Magical Storms or to descend on your enemy with a hoarde of regenerating, invulnerable, stubborn and fearless troops numbering four score but simply to throw down and mangle some metal with anywhere from 5 to 50 models full of mangled metal, steampunked mayhem!

I guess you want to know my reason, eh? Enough pontificating? Is the anticipation just tOO MUCH FOR YOU??

Well here it is....

Are you ready for it??

Its absolutely revelatory, startling to the point just short of EPIPHANY!!

I m having fun. Did I say that too low? I AM HAVING FUN! Warmahordes is simply much more fun for me than any GW game.

OMG... I said it... I'm having fun. The Geek Police are probably swearing out a warrant for me right now. This is NOT supposed to be fun, is it? Its supposed to be serious!!

Well, I got enough serious in real life. I don't need it in my gaming life... The place I go to escape.
Its party time and I'm bringing my Deathwalker cause she is a real party girl and she wants to party with you...

From across the table,
Eric J


  1. Oh hell yeah. Its something coming back in to MKII I realize- instead of getting everything, just have fun with the one or two casters I like and the couple of jacks and beasts and the hell with the rest.

    Like only having darius, sentinals and ironclads and to hell with the rest.....


  2. I'm right with you on that Carm. I want to build my Goreshade force then its onto Skarre and the shoot 'em up Undead Pirate list. Revenant crew FTW!

  3. Nice post, Eric. Not sure why some folk would sacrifice fun in the name of some sort of twisted loyalty to a company that doesn't care about them at all.

    As you said, fun is the name of the game!

  4. You forgot to add the word "sexually". All (poor) jokes aside, all I can do is cosign your sentiment. It's also how I feel. PP will have me lock, stock and smoking steam-pipe for as long as it's fun....sexually.

    Pretty Lou :D