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Grind and Whine
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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Steamrolled... An event report!!

So after a night of drunken gaming fun with my crew of Basement Jacks here at the house I figured I'd have a nice relaxed day of rest and relaxation to clear my fuzzy head. But mid-breakfast I get a call from the guys, "Can Eric come out to play?" There was a 25 point Journeyman Steamroller going on at The Gameroom and my company was requested. Bastards. I was all set to relax. So I grabbed one other bastard, Goreshade and the rest of my Cryxx and jumped into my buddy's car that was definitely on an episode of Hoarders.

I was a bit shagged out from the shennanigans of the night before, old school hip hop, AC/DC and 10 guys in my basement drinking and playing Warmahordemachine. Game rooms a nice store in a nice mall with a decent crowd. There were some familiar faces there already laying out their forces when we arrived. S0me I was glad to see while others I would just as soon scrape off the sole of my boots. They being dweebs that caused quite a bit o' drama at the last steamroller. So my mood was turning somewhat sour. I was steeling myself for a not-so-good day...

But the dice Gods were smiling and rolled box cars for me. My first round was against Friker, about the nicest guy you could ever want to sit opposite at a gaming table.

I was running pGore, Deathjack, Slayer, Tartarus, Mech Thralls and two Pistol Wraiths. 25 points but I was misssing my Machine Wraiths to allow for the higher point cost Deathjack.

So Batrep in an instant: He was playing Legion, I think with the 3 headed Hydra guy. The mission for all 3 games was Moshpit. He went first and moved forward. He did some Animus stuff and buffing and that's all. My turn I run up throw Mage blight and not much else.

His turn he advances some more and doesn't do much but all his force is in the pit and he has one 12 man unit that I knew was going to be a bitch to kill. I knew I had to get nasty fast. So I advance and pop my feat. Between the Bane Thralls, and Pistol Wraiths I kill 3 of his infantry but HE KEEPS REPLACING THEM WITH INCUBI!! That means I have to kill all his crap TWICE! I also manage to kill a couple ogrun but wiff on his solo.
He retaliates by killing all my Bane Thralls But nothing else.

Tartarus slams in killing 3 more but one gets replaced by an incubi who then kills Tartarus!!! What's worse is that I have no Banes left so I can't make any more from the dead to add to the unit.

The DJ hits his infantry and crushes a couple poor saps then I soulgate him out to safety.

Bad... bad... move.

Next turn he rushes in with his Warlock and essentially clears out my controlling models. Because I 'gated the DJ out of the pit I had no models left in there to hold. Victory Legion. The score I think should have been 14 to 3 but we screwed something up and I wrote down 1 for me and 4 for him.... I don't know. But it was a fun game. I also found out that the rules for Mosh Pit allowed for jacks to control but we thought only models with a Cmnd of 1 or more could do that and it turned out my Slayer SHOULD have kept me in the game but we played it wrong.

Friker was the eventual winner of the steamoller.

Next game vs Arthur's Khador. Nice enough guy with a fairly tough list. Let me just say this; TIME MANAGEMENT!!!!oh, and slow play really peeves me. Yeah that's right. He killed mechs with his mortar and brought my DJ down to 4 boxes with his "Bears", who are HEINOUS! I slammed in with my Banes who killed some Riflemen infantry. Which led me to my pivotal turn.

I had a fully "jacked" Slayer, Tartarus and Mechs ready to slam into the Butcher. I was going to butcher the butcher for the win. It was all set up and I put my hand on the Slayer to charge him in when of course what do I hear? "DICE DOWN!"

AAAAARRRrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhh......................................... He won 9 to 5 the difference being the points for my Bane Thrall unit summoned as pGore's feat. Why I should end up forfeiting points for what every other caster gets with no backsided penalty vexes me deeply...

Last game was vs the TO. I was fighting it out for last place. Its always good to have goals...

I was about to enter the Gates of Mordor, a dark place where few get out alive... Chris was also playing Legion but with a differere's the deal quick and dirty:
It was really a fun game and hard fought. I learned some great new moves from Chris like, Trample and Throwing. FUN! But after 3 turns he charged Goreshade with his wickedly harsh warbeast and proceeded to beat him to his knees. His last attack did 4 damage, killing Goreshade.

BUT LO AND BEHOLD.... HAHA! I,for the first time was able to sacrifice the Death Walker and bring The Bastard back!! Yeeeehaaaaaaa!

So, last turn and I'm in pretty good position. Except that I IS AN ASS! I had everything set to try and take down his Warlock and proceeded to screw up the order of activation so badly that I missed 3 opportunities to charge in and do damage. However my Deathjack charged in and inflicted heinous amounts of damage WHICH HE JUST TRANSFERRED TO HIS BEASTS....

This is where I insert another AAAAARRRRGGGgghhhhhhhhh! Another loss despite taking 13 points.

So it was a fun day of gaming despite 3 losses but there was a silver lining of sorts. I did win the coveted "Smokin' Boots" award bestowed on he who comes in dead last! Its supposed to salve the wounds. I got a store credit combined with a 15% discount so I picked up a 2 pack of the new Cryxx RipJaw Bonejacks....

Looks like Deneghra will be masking a comeback. These little beauties lock on to you keeping you stationary and half your armor in the bargain. Oh, and they have ARC NODES!

From the other side of the table,
Eric J

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