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Grind and Whine
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Sunday, March 2, 2014

What's old is new again...

Been a while... Stuff has been happening, models getting painted, games being played, win/lose rage quitting etc... etc... etc...

But when I got THIS guy;

I was inspired to start up the old blog. One old Bastard deserves another...

The Goreshade redux rocks and has a great sense of humor about him what with a dice game based mini.... rolling dice. I'll be working on him for a bit. But I'm embroiled in the immediacy of the East Coast Rumble, details for this awesome weekend of Warmahordes wackiness can be found here;

In other news I have taken a serious plunge into Flames of War and, get ready as I'm totally going to toot my own horn and brag obnoxiously; I COMPLETELY DOMINATED THE ORDO MALLEUS EARLY WAR ESCALATION LEAGUE held at ToyWiz in Rockland County! My first ever Flames "campaign" and I kicked gamer ass with my Brit Desert Rats shown here at their 1250 point level;

I finished them up at 1550 with another tank platoon. It was a great league shepherded by Troy "Panzer" Baker. great job indeed...
But I still haven't been given my winner's medal... WTF?!

Bringing us all up to date, I'm working on my Convergence to bring to the EC Rumble.Here are a couple of early pics and these models have been finished since but I haven't taken new pics and being a lazy 'ol bastard didn't feel like doing it now;
Syntherion the Art Deco Caster;

and Cipher, who doubles as a refrigerator during lulls in the fighting;

I'll be sincerely trying to keep up the blog and keep it as cantankerous as is my usual. If you don't know what cantankerous means then look it up illiterates! As I opened with new pGore it's only fitting that I close with the OG pGore, my first and still favorite caster. Because if there's one thing I know about, its Old Bastards...

See you on the other side of the table...

Eric J

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