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Grind and Whine
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

League of Ordinary Gentlemen...

It may be Winter outside but here in Mini Gamer's world its a different season; Not bound by Winter's cold harsh winds of pale and bleak nor the promises of Spring's early thaws. Nope... Here, it is early Charsuag! This year's Warmahordemachine's league;
just opened up at one of my LGS, ToyWiz. I'm especially charged up as this is my favorite type of gaming. We get to add some poisonality into our games, connect them into a narative. In short- We get to tell stories...

My story last night was of a Faction divided. It was my Convergence versus my buddy's Convergence. It was a Tale of Two TWIN Casters as we both ran our WiP Syntherion lists. We went spell for spell, free upkeep vs free upkeep, feat against mirrored feat. Both near identical 15 point lists met in an inevitable circle of metal on metal carnage...
If you look at opposite ends of the circle you can see the Brothers Synth facing off.
But despite 2 Technical Superiority feats, 2 successful Resurrections and Hot Shot and Synergy in mega-abundance I narrowly managed to get evil imposter Synth in a very very bad grind;
You see, painted models really do perform better! Victory MINE! And not since William Shatner fought his evil twin in Star Trek's The Enemy Within was such a tense and terse battle fought!
Okay, so we didn't quite go where no man went before but we did have some gear grinding fun!

There were lots of league games going on and here's the proof of the exciting and EXPLOSIVE start to Scars of Caen!
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen indeed...

From the other side of the table...
Eric J

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